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a new look at bravery

Bravery looks different than I thought. ⁣

Bravery isn’t strength. It isn’t being tough. ⁣

(Therefore, weakness isn’t cowardice). ⁣

Bravery is admitting weakness. It’s crying.

It’s facing the sin in my heart and grieving over it instead of just being strong and tough and never dealing with it. ⁣

Bravery is grief. It’s grieving my losses and my longings. Facing them. Letting them make me sad, disappointed, confused. ⁣

Bravery shows up in surprising ways: it looks like tears and reflection and processing and no quick answers but choosing to walk the path of Jesus anyways. ⁣

That’s bravery: continuing on the path of Jesus. Not being so strong and “together” that I don’t need him. ⁣

Bravery starts on the inside and moves out.

It’s using my voice even when I don’t know how to say it right. ⁣

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