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Hello there, I'm Natalie

Here are some people, places, and things I love:

I’m married to David. He started growing his ‘stach for No-Shave-November last year and he sorta let the no-shave apply to all the months …. Until recently. He shaved it for his mom’s birthday as a gift to her, haha. We got married last October 2019 and our love story is full of the most precious details. We recently heard a song with these lyrics: “only a weirdo could love me,” and we immediately looked at each other and said, “yup!”


We have a dog, Blanc, who's the center of our world, only because we put him there :) he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I run up to him and squeeze him at least once an hour.


I live in Charlotte, NC but grew up in a small town in Arizona. No, I’m not used to the hot weather.  My small hometown is on a mountain where it actually snows in the winter :)


I lived almost 4 years of my life overseas in Beirut, Lebanon. I moved right after college and it’s the place where I “grew up” into a sorta-real adult. I moved back to the states summer of 2019 and I’m honestly still figuring how to live life here. I am forever changed because of Lebanon and the people it holds.


I love windows and sunlight. One of my most favorite things is reading a novel near a window.

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