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Tears as Worship

What if my tears are a form of worship?

I’ve been told I’m too sensitive my whole life. Emotions and sensitivity became a place of shame.

And yet, to my shame, cry I still did (and do).

I recently read the story of the Woman at the Wall and learned about the cultural context.

She’s the woman in the Gospel of Luke who anoints Jesus with perfume and wipes his feet with her tears (Luke 7:36-50).

Women weren’t supposed to show their hair, and yet, here she is: wiping the feet of Jesus with her hair.

She wasn’t welcomed at Simon the Pharisee’s table, her place was by the wall. And yet, here she is: anointing Jesus and kissing his feet.


This woman was completely undone, totally overwhelmed by her emotions. And yet, Jesus didn’t shame her, even though he had every right to.

Jesus welcomed her. Restored her. Healed her. Sent her on her way with peace.

He met her tears with kindness.

The woman at Jesus’ feet poured out her tears as a form of worship.

Jesus doesn’t just politely tolerate my tears and my emotions, he welcomes them. Jesus doesn’t think I’m too sensitive.

I can shame my emotions away all I want, and yet, still: my tears. Me still lying on my bed crying. As much as I push it away, I can’t.

Jesus is in the business of restoration--even when it comes to my tears. He takes them from a place of shame and honors them by turning them into worship.

Next time I feel the tears slide down my cheek, I’ll think of her. I’ll think of Him, and how if He welcomed her, He welcomes me.

Only Jesus. Oh, how sweet he is.


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