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I'm Natalie AK Scott 

Natalie Scott

I'm here to help you become more aware of God's presence more often.


I know God's grace is real, but I tend to lose sight of it in my day-to-day moments--I forget that His grace meets me in all the moments of my life, not just the big ones. 

My head is often full--full of lists and don't forgets and ways I fear I'm not measuring up.  My mind is filled with "all the things," and it's exhausting. 

When I become more aware of God's presence, my mind stills, my heart remembers she is met by Grace, and my soul finally feels safe. I want more moments like that. I'm created for more moments like that. 

This is my journey of remembering the expanses of God's grace, even to the small moments of my daily life. This is me learning to see God with me in everything. This is me letting the truths of God bring stillness to my ever-racing mind. 

On my page, you'll find: some spiritual practices, perhaps a new slant on something you already know,  and, I hope, you'll be led to recognize every moment as an opportunity to see God's kind presence with you. 



I mostly write on Instagram right now, which you can look at here: 

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